CheckSome windows GUI

A simple windows checksum tool. My primary goal was to verify the integrity of a collection of files on a media.

This tool is meant to locate data changes over time which happen due to media problems like aging or defects. The tool should be useable by average windows users. The software is
not meant to verify the integrity of data through a public transport way like the post office or via the internet against intentional manipulation. Those cases would require a different approach like PGP.

The supported checksum algorithms are

● MD5
● SHA1
● SHA2
256 bit
● SHA3
256 bit

The 32/64-bit windows binary including the source is

The software is able to work automatically from batch files or interactively from a windows GUI.

A sample call to verify data from a shell Batch file would be

     CheckSome32 /check ?:\datafiles

The ?:\datafiles means that the program will enumerate all drives from C to Z and use the first letter where it can find the top directory 'datafiles'. This was implemented so it works with different windows installations where the drive letter will be dynamically assigned by windows. Just choose a unique directory name on removable media like USB-Sticks or others - and use the ?: placeholder to locate it inside a batch file.

The used checksum files have an extension of ".qcs", but are actually plain text files. Any decent test editor should be able to view and edit them.

The software is free to use for anybody under the Creative Commons 4.0 license.