PureBasic library installer

x64 Binaries, Sources

Version 0.8 only supports apt-get and was only tested with
Neptune 6, Ubuntu 18 and Ubuntu 19. It supports GTK and QT library preparing but only comes as 64-Bit binary for now. As the software calls the systems package manager to install libraries, it should be started as root. As it updates the packagemanager cache and potentially installs many packages, you should have a decent network connection and not do this while your traffic costs you a lot or affects other users on your connection.

This is kind of a silly project and currently only linux experts should try it. But my hope/goal is to lower the entrance barrier for linux
Purebasic development significantly and also promote Purebasic as a serious contender for linux development.

The software is free to use for anybody under the
Creative Commons 4.0 license